This is a question that many, many frustrated online poker players on pkv poker ask. The real problem is that most online poker novices are not capable of being critical of themselves and instead would sooner say that the reason why I lose money playing online poker is because the poker room is rigged, it’s set for them to lose or some other rubbish

If you have ever thought a poker room is rigged then maybe I can give you a list of more possible reasons why you lose money playing online poker.

Now without seeing your specific game it’s going to be hard to say exactly what’s going wrong (this is why I have so many student game review videos on the site) but I’m fairly certain that most players will have at least a few of the most common leaks that I am about to mention, in their game. Just a couple of these mistakes is all it takes from knowing how to win at poker to losing.

Most Costly (and common) Mistakes In Poker

Below are the 10 most common things you should look at before asking yourself why do I lose money playing online poker. I have also included some links at the end of the articles to point you in the right direction to fixing some of these issues.

So many players play well above the levels of their bankroll and because of this go broke a lot. You want a comfortable cushion because even when you play really well you should still expect to have days where you lose multiple buy ins just due to variance.

A lot of player that just start out and even some that have been playing for a while have no table selection plan. A lot of money in poker comes from finding weaker opponents than you and so you should actively seek them out. In a heads up SNG you can check screen names of players sat down by using a site called sharkscope. If you prefer cash games then an easy way to find fish is to look in the lobby for players sat with less than a full stack but close to one. All good players know to keep their stacks topped up to full so that they do not miss value in any hand that presents itself. Fish on the other hand will often not have a clue about this and you’ll see them sat with an odd number of chips say 89 blinds rather than 100.

The poker sites are not rigged to steal you few bucks, why would they be? These sites earn money from rake not deposits so they want to make sure money everything is legitimate to keep players playing and the rake flowing. again ONLINE POKER IS NOT RIGGED!

Another common trait especially amongst heads up poker players that want to ‘prove they are the best’ by only playing other winning players. The truth is that even if you are better, you will add so much more variance into your game that your graph will go up and down like a yo yo. I’m not saying to never play good players as part of a balanced strategy to improve but understand that the fish are the real targets in poker.

Some draws are good to call to hit, others are fine to raise and some, yes some are fine to fold. An example may be when you are out of position against a player that is not too spewy and you call his bet, shallow stacked, with only a gut shot (you have 4 out). I see far too many players just chase, chase, chase or calling on later streets with little to no implied odds. So if you don’t understand when to draw and when not to then you may want to hire a poker coach or talk to some players that do know in our strategy forum

You may not really understand the difference between a ‘dry flop’ or a ‘wet flop’ which is an important part of hand reading and then helps with when to bet as bluffs or bet for value (as you think you easily have the best hand).

These sites earn money from rake not deposits so they want to make sure money everything is legitimate to keep players playing and the rake flowing. Online gambling is done in order to let people win cash in return of their wagers. Most of the online gambling sites offer rewards like the cashback, promotions etc.