Living in Los Angeles and Las Vegas affords me the luxury of spending a considerable amount of time in physical casinos or online casinos like Jasabola. Like many, I utilize the casino for entertainment, dining, 25-hour service, gambling, meeting friends, and other sources of occupation. When managed right the casino is a great place to be. It is very secure, offers almost every comfort imaginable, and can provide an enjoyable deviation from the nuances of life. When embraced improperly casinos can be traps of destruction and ruin. I cringe at the amount of money I see spent on games in the casino where the player is at a significant disadvantage. I once was guilty of this very charge. After years of playing and watching blackjack, video poker, pai gow, baccarat, craps, slots finally occurred to me that my money was best invested elsewhere. Despite my newfound wisdom, my love for gambling and action would often smother the fire of common sense. In order to succeed with this learned and empowered knowledge, I employ a few rules to live by in order to avoid casino games and their negatives.

The first and best rule is to not play them altogether. Evade them at every turn and at all costs. If you are traveling to a casino know where your games of weakness are located and steer clear of that section. Grabbing a drink or watching a ball game in most cases can easily be done at the casino without ever seeing a blackjack or three-card poker table. Swimming at the pool does not have to involve a wheel of the fortune slot machine. It is better to take a bath in your room then at the craps table. If you are somehow coerced towards your favorite game fight the feeling and hurry past it without looking. Do not give yourself any chance to sit down by turning your head and moving quickly past the game and on to a more productive endeavor. Out of reach means ought of wallet. In a worst-case scenario and if we simply can not control our actions then we must realize our only option is to stay away from the casino altogether. Even if we manage to miss the table games we do not want to participate in any behavior at the casino that might jeopardize our ability to avoid the negative situations that present themselves.

This starts with not drinking any alcohol or being overly responsible if you do plan on consuming alcohol. This stuff does not pour like rain in Washington for the casino patrons’ health. Through family members, first-hand experience, or the news by 21 years of age we all should understand the dangers of alcohol. It is not a mystery that drunk people at times are more willing to gamble and risk money despite knowing they are at a disadvantage or incapable of making responsible decisions. While at the casino alcohol should be treated with extreme care and consumed with caution. Since it is often free and accessible at the casino we must be even more careful with our intake of alcohol. Even if we can deter our alcohol consumption we still may fall victim to the cravings of the casino.

One truth about gambling is you have to have money to play. If we are responsible and still take pleasure in a table game or slot pull or two we can enjoy all that the casino has to offer while still protecting ourselves. We can do this by limiting our access to money. Regardless of fault, they can not get what we do not have. We do not need to bring credit cards or debit cards with large cash balances to the casino. Bring only what is a reasonable amount of money for you to spend. Not taking cash or credit lines to the casino is an easy way to balance the love of gambling and the house advantage. As silly as this may sound try to create a budget before going to the casino and only bring enough money to manage that budget. We must make sure our spending at the casino can only go as far as what we can comfortably and responsibly lose. Discretionary income should be the only money that sees the casino floor. Constant losing or acknowledged disadvantages will not always quell our thirst to gamble.

If we must go to the casino and gamble as the hobby or entertainment in our lives we do not necessarily have to throw our money away at video poker and keno. There are many gambling alternatives that can be far less dangerous to our bankroll but still provide a thrill. Sports betting is one option that is often overlooked. Most sporting events are 3 hours long and on tv at the casino. Most everyone loves sports or has a favorite team. Betting $20 on a game can be much more fun than betting $20 on a spin of the roulette wheel. Sports wagering might still be gambling and a losing proposition for many of us but it is a gambling alternative that provides a lot of action but allows us to lose our money at a slower and more well thought out pace. Items like parlays in sports betting give us the opportunity to spend a little amount of money with the chance of a large payout and a long time period of gaming enjoyment. Another alternative might be something like a poker tournament. Here is another possibly low-risk high reward proposition where skill can be a deciding factor in results. Since sports betting and poker are beatable and more player specific the house charges betting fees (juice and rake) rather than just sucking up the money from incompetent or miss-directed gamblers. After learning many expensive and hard to handle lessons it is because of the tips above that I am now able to save my money, be a happier person and still revel in my time spent at one of my favorite places, the casino.

A great number of us love to gamble. An even greater number loves to spend time in the casino. It should always be about playing responsibly and having a good time. The money will always be a valuable tool. If we can save a little extra from being thrown away at losing propositions we just might be able to channel our extra wealth into more positive and winning situations. Invest wisely and happy gambling.