Peach’s assortment of silly moves and her ability to float make her an effective character for the player who takes the time to learn her play style. Her key specialty is her ability to float, which is used by either holding the jump button (this starts the float at the apex of the jump) or by pressing down on the analog stick. You can press down to initiate the float at any point in the jump, or hold it while jumping to immediately start floating. This way you can cover right above the ground, allowing you to float back and forth while using continuously unleashing the full fury of your aerial attacks. This can be quite terrifying and unstoppable for the beginning player, who probably won’t have any idea how to defend against such an attack. However, it should be noted that Peach’s ground jump is really terrible and hardly gets any vertical distance, so you will often have to use her double jump if you want to get anywhere. This is especially notable in story mode and the target tests.

Standard Attacks

Peach’s standard combo is a double slap that is surprisingly strong and useful. Use it to smack opponents away. Her down tilt is pretty good, but don’t expect to use it all that often as it isn’t that speedy. Her forward tilt is pretty useless, it’s a high kick that’s weak, slow, and sends opponents straight up. Probably her worst standard attack, you won’t be using it much or at all. Her up tilt is very good since it has good area of effect and power.

Peach’s running attack, her princess shove, is one of her staple ground moves. With the lack of a good forward tilt, Peach’s running attack becomes her main forward attack, and it’s a good one. It hits quickly and has good power. Peach’s up smash is very good if you can hit it right, but that can be tricky and requires a good situation. Her forward smash can be a decent killing move, but it is unpredictable since it there are three random weapons she will use. One is a golf club, which has good range and decent power, especially if you hit with the head. Her tennis racket has better knockback but less range. Finally, she has her trusty frying pan, which hits with a satisfying metal thunk and hits the opponent straight up. Unfortunately, this means it probably won’t kill them, except at very hit percentages. Peach’s legendary down smash isn’t anywhere near as good as it was in Super Smash Bros. Melee. You can still use it to rack up some damage every once in a while, but you probably won’t ever kill anyone with it, since it doesn’t hit anywhere near as hard as it did in the last game. It still sends people off at unpredictable trajectories, but the power decrease has really made this move pretty average or below average. It’s range isn’t that great either

Special Attacks

Peach’s special attacks aren’t that great overall. Toad is pretty useless and will usually just leave you open for attack. Its only real useful purpose is to block super projectiles coming your way, such as a Samus’s charge shot. Just make sure no one is close enough to counterattack you. Don’t use it on projectiles that can be sent out faster that you can use Toad, since you’ll just rack up spam damage. Peach’s up special isn’t exactly a great recovery move. She’ll float down afterwards which can leave you open to attack if you aren’t careful, though her parasol will actually hit the opponent first sometimes, if they come in for an aerial attack.

Peach’s forward special should only be use in times of good opportunity, but otherwise it’s pretty useless. It just takes too long, though it doesn’t leave you as open as it did in Melee. Peach’s down special is probably her most useful special attack. She’ll pull turnips out of the ground (you cannot use this move in the air), which you can then toss like an item to harass and damage opponents. Just be aware that, like items, it can be grabbed out of the air by an opponent. Also note that she pulls out turnips with different faces, some of which are stronger or have special abilities. Sometimes she can even pull out other items, such as a beam sword! In fact, she’s surprisingly good with a beam sword, twirling it around like a deadly baton. Be on the lookout for one turnip in particular though… it has eyes that are sewn shut into X’s and can kill opponents in one hit!


Peach’s throws are pretty good, though her forward throw (her grab ‘n slap) isn’t as strong as it was in Melee, where it was one of the few throws that could actually kill people. Still, it’s pretty good, especially as far as forward throws are concerned, since those are usually much weaker than back throws. Speaking of which, her back throw (her butt bump, or rump bump, if you will) is also good. Her down throw is good for setting up her up smash, though her up throw isn’t that useful since it sends the opponent too high for a ground attack, and Peach’s really can’t chase people into the air to follow up with up aerials, party because she has poor vertical jumping abilities and party because her up aerial sucks.

Aerial Attacks

As mentioned before, Peach’s ability to float, especially inches about the ground, make her aerial attacks her bread and butter. Unlike other characters you won’t have to do constant short jumps to use your powerful air attacks, you can simply hover above the ground and spam them until your float ends. The scariest move you can use in this way is her forward air, where she uses her crown to slash in front of her. This move starts slowly but has a powerful hit; if you master floating back and forth you can send a nonstop flurry of these at your opponent. Her back air is a butt bump (just like her back throw) that hits well and comes out quick. Her down air is a flurry of downward stomps that can also be use to great extent when you are floating at ground level, right into your opponent. Her neutral air is once again, a great attack, which comes out much quicker than her forward air for those times that you can afford to waste time. Finally, her up air is just plain hard to use and not worth the trouble. It’s easily her worst air attack and you probably won’t use it very much at all, especially with success.

Final Smash

Peach’s final smash involves putting everyone to sleep with hypnotic dancing, which also puts girly graphic frames around the screen and calls down a rain of peaches. Everyone incurs decent damage when they are put to sleep, but once they wake up they can eat the peaches and heal themselves. Which begs the question…. do you sleeping opponents or eat the peaches? You don’t really have much time before they wake, but given the amount of peaches you should probably go for those first, especially in battles with many players. In one on one battles, if you think you’ve got a good handle on the enemy, you could eat a couple of peaches, knock him around a bit, and finish the rest, but in free for alls there are simply too many people to manage and you’ll end up helping someone if you don’t eat the peaches before everyone wakes up.

That concludes the Peach guide. Overall, Peach is a good character that just requires a bit of patience to learn. Remember to rely on your air attacks and your floating ability. On the ground use her running attack as your primary move, and don’t forget that, unlike most characters, Peach’s forward tilt is useless. This game is as awesome as pkv games online. It is very enticing to game because of the character in the game itself. It is also unique and quite different from other games that you can play online. So if you want to play this game, what are you waiting for? Go and download it now!