A poker party is one of the easiest themes to make snacks and treats for. Your guests will devour poker chip cookies, poker chip muffins, playing card cookies, and more, when you make them yourself. It’s exciting to create treats that look like things at the party, such as cards and poker chips. The special desserts, treats, and snacks will be the hit of the party so don’t waste anymore time; get into the kitchen!

Make everything from scratch or cheat a little, depending on how much time and effort that you want to apply. For example, you can make your own, homemade cookies, or you can just buy some cookies, and decorate them as you will. Graham crackers are a nice choice simply for their size and shape. If you’re making cookies, cut card-size shapes, and if you’re making poker chip cookies, make them small and round.

Frost the card cookies with a smooth layer of white frosting; frost the poker chips blue, red, white, or other poker chip colors. It’s best to make or buy white frosting and tint it with food coloring; you’ll be able to make small amounts of each color needed.

Gel frosting, which comes in tubes, makes it easy to draw on the cookies, but you can also pipe on the lettering and images. Just put frosting in a plastic bag, twist it tightly into one corner, and cut a tiny snip from the very corner.

Pipe or draw on frosting to represent the denomination of each card and/or poker chip treat. It’s helpful to look at cards and chips to get an idea of the placement of the lettering, sizes of images, and so on. All of the cards can be different – and the same goes for the poker chips – or you can make them all the same, like all aces or all blue poker chips.

Besides cookies, you can quickly make playing card cakes when you make your own cake, or buy Little Debbie snack cakes. Just purchase rectangular snack cakes, draw on top of them to create the cards, and you’re finished. It’s optional to put on a layer of frosting since most snack cakes are rather skimpy on the frosting. If you’ve made your own cake, you can cut it into individual pieces, or you can make the card design across the entire cake.

A fun element is added to the party when you create poker chip mini muffins. Purchase or make small muffins and then lay a clean poker chip on each one (after the cake is cooled if you’ve baked the muffins yourself). With this snack, each muffin-eater ends up with a free poker chip for the game!