Though poker bonuses and kickbacks are generally associated with online poker, there are many brick and mortar card rooms that also offer enticing bonuses. Generally with an online card room your bonus will be in the form of a deposit match or a percentage match of a deposit. In a standard card room you may receive food comps, a monetary bonus for every hour of play, a free buy in to a tournament, a free-roll tournament (usually based on hours of play), a coupon for extra chips, and many other bonuses that can really help a player on a short roll. Whether you’re playing at the local club or online, taking advantage of bonuses and kickbacks can be tricky and somewhat confusing.

Often players jump at an on-line advertisement of a deposit match bonus without really determining whether it is beneficial or not. Many bonuses have hidden criteria that could actually end up costing you money. Let’s say for example you get a 100% deposit bonus up to 100 dollars. Now, reading the fine print you find out that the deposit is based on hours of play at a certain limit. For every hour of play at this limit you will receive one dollar of the bonus deposited into your account. This can really end up costing you a ton of money if the limit is either too high of a limit for your roll or even to low. You may find yourself stuck several hundred dollars attempting to make good on your bonus. Not all bonuses are a trap. In fact, many bonuses can help you make some extra cash for doing what you already love doing. Reading the fine print associated with any bonus and requirements to be met will really help build your bankroll.

One bonus that can be extremely lucrative is free-rolls. Free-rolls cost you nothing, you’re getting the opportunity to practice and improve your level of play, and you might even get some free dough! What could be better than that? Another bonus that can be lucrative is the chip coupon bonus.

Many card rooms offer a coupon that gives you an extra 20 dollars in chips for your buy-in. Use the coupon, sit down at the table and blind off for one round, let a couple of hands go buy (if your catching cards go ahead and play aggressive, you just received 20 dollars in free chips) and then get up and cash-out! This may seem like a rotten thing to do and in some rooms it is not allowed (depending on bonus requirements). Though, if you are on a tight budget, doing this every now and then might come in handy.

Finally, the best way to take advantages of bonuses and kickbacks is to be informed. Get a subscription to an on-line poker magazine. Often, you will find weekly or even daily coupons and bonus offers for numerous card rooms inside. Also, become a member to a poker forum and network with other players to see which site or card room is offering what. Bonuses can be very lucrative, but you have to do your research and stay in the know!