There are a few casino’s in the Minnesota area that I am from. They are:

Mystic Lake ( ) in Prior Lake, Minnesota.

Jackpot Junction ( in Morton, Minnesota.

Treasure Island ( is in Welch, Minnesota.

Diamond Jo North ( in Northwood, Iowa.

Black Bear casino ( ) is in Carlton, Minnesota.

My favorite machine is, without a doubt, the Joker Poker machine. I like to play it because once I have the cards I need, an offer pops up on the screen that asks me if I wish to ‘˜double up’.

I like to double up. What does this mean? Well. If I am playing a machine that plays the same as the ‘˜Yahtzee’ game, I select the Jacks or better playing option. That means, that if I get a couple face cards, I need to ‘˜hold them’ and hope that I match one of them. I usually get a pair of cards and I end up getting to play ‘˜double up’. Double-up mode gives me one card, face up, and four cards face down. The face down card belongs to the ‘˜dealer’ and the four down cards are mine.

What is my goal in double up? I can see the face up card and my job is to pick the one card, of the four facing down, that will beat that face up card. Many times, I have gotten a two that is face up and have gone on to win. It is a very perplexing situation to have a larger card be the face up. That means I have a better chance of just losing.

I love to win but, I expect that I will lose. So, any money that I lose, I consider ‘˜just entertainment.’ What else can you do? I have fun. That is what counts. Sometimes I can play for hours, winning a little, losing a little.

My best day at Mystic was the moment that I doubled up, four times, and walked out of the casino with over five hundred dollars. That was great. The next time I spent eighty dollars at the casino, ended up scraping coins off the floor in the back seat and losing them.

Trust me, there is nothing more annoying to someone playing progressives than to have someone sitting next to them, putting nickels into the machine and changing the odds. A person can get in a lot of hot water at the casino. I have to giggle, just a little bit —

My daughter lost her twenty-four dollars at Black Bear. It took all of four or five hours to lose it. She spent a lot of time watching her fiancee play, so it took that long to lose it all. She had fun, both playing, and watching him play.

She has also been to Mystic Lake. She has been there more than once. I used to take her, and her brother along with me, when I would go. They would go to the giant play place and I would go spend my forty dollars. I had to save enough money to ‘˜buy them back’ since the play place charged about twelve dollars an hour to regain my children.

I had fun, they had fun and then, we’d stop along the way to buy burgers for the trip home. It was a fun day for all of us. I stopped doing that when the kids were too old to go to the play place. Now, they are old enough to go gamble with me, but only my daughter has any interest in going, so we have a ‘˜mother/daughter outing’ to accomplish this.

One year, my husband was working in the Redwood Falls area, and one day, instead of him driving home, I drove down there to stay in the hotel with him. We went out to eat at Jackpot Junction in Morton, Minnesota. They had a seafood buffet that was excellent. Good eating! It wasn’t very expensive, maybe twelve dollars for ‘˜all you can eat’. I went back the next day and put a few quarters in. I did not win but, I had a good time. Then I drove home.

We went to Diamond Jo’s Casino a few months ago. I wrote a poem about it. The weather was crappy. We went in two vehicles with a few couples. We went to the Seafood Buffet. The weather kept a lot of people from going there, so the food wasn’t very good. I cannot judge the food based on this visit because it was dried out and not very tasty. I blame it on the weather.

I have eaten at the Buffet at Mystic Lake. My friend and I went there. I think it was under fifteen dollars to eat there. She had one black olive that she said tasted kind of funny and when we went to go sit at a Joker Poker machine later, she ended up throwing up. Everything tasted okay to me.

Treasure Island. I think I have been there twice. I went with a bus trip with the people I work with. I think I lost all my money in the first fifteen minutes I was there. I was stuck there for six hours until we all went back home. I was miserable and bored to tears. I ended up watching a co-worker blow a lot of money. She said that it was her only form of entertainment every year and she saved up each year to go. I did not see the point of it at all.

Most of the casinoes offer free beverages. The atmosphere is extremely noisy and exciting. I have never been to any of the casino ‘˜shows’. I have never stayed in their hotels. I have only eaten their seafood and drank their free pop and coffee. I have had fun.

Occasionally, I receive coupons in the mail from all of them. I will probably stop in to one of them again, but I will not go unless I go with someone else.

Before going for the big game, I am always careful to try out a nice round of Poker Online to practice it out as even the best players do the same for they know that gambling is totally unpredictable and you need to tread on this path very carefully due to the slippery slope ahead.