After a crazy round of Victoria, the biggest Mole suspect leaving, it’s time for another sabotage as the Mole returns. It seems Craig isn’t feeling any better as he’s freezing even after having four layers of clothing on. Nicole filled us in once again about the execution and figures that whoever she thinks is the mole ends up leaving. Um is that because SHE is the mole? Paul, on the other hand, continued his streak to become a real villain as he wants to make everyone go even more crazy. Well with all this popularity there are tons of online games that are available with a similar storyline. You can try such games at BandarQ Online and move the story the way you like. 

The challenge was then started and titled “All For One”. It was rather interesting as it forced them all to trust each other to either grab a key or an exemption. All of the players were chained together and the only way for one person to move was for everyone else to move back, giving them the slack to move. The object of the mission was for everyone to be released from the chains by dawn. The catch was every ten minutes a gate opened with either a key or an exemption to be taken. One at a time they could go up to the game but had to be given the chance to.

At first, it seemed like nobody would really budge, but Craig was having more problems being out in the cold. Jon told them that once they left the chain they would join him for a warm meal and a warm bed. If someone took the exemption, the rest of the players would stay out in the cold for the rest of the night and no money would be won. If they completed the mission with nobody taking the exemption then $25,000 would be added to the pot. It was a huge reward but it was going to be a struggle to get everyone on board.

Back to Craig, who was obviously going to be suffering out in the cold. Everyone knew he was having problems and agreed to let him go. The next person to ask to leave was Kristen, who was also having problems with the cold. Clay didn’t want to give it to her at first, but she reminded him that he owed her for his exemption last round. She, like Craig, walked up to the cage and grabbed the key.

The next few choices were interesting and seemed tough for the remaining players. Nobody really wanted to go next and nobody wanted anyone else to go next. Mark at one point even mentioned he didn’t trust himself which put Clay off a bit. He’s working with Mark and felt their coalition unravel. Ultimately they let Paul go after swearing on his daughter he wouldn’t take the exemption. He was true to his word and walked into the warm cabin with the others. There they discussed who would go next and most of them thought Mark would take the exemption or be the one to screw everyone over.

Back at the gate, we had Alex, Clay, Mark, and Nicole. It was obvious that Mark wouldn’t budge and either would Alex. Although he wanted to wait it out a bit longer Clay let things in the hands of fate and decided to go for the key. Nicole ended up being next and being somewhat nice didn’t take the exemption and kept the money. This left Alex and Mark standing at the gate. Alex knew Mark wouldn’t budge still and ended up leaving him there alone. Back at the cabin, everyone believed Mark would take the exemption as he was still mad about the journals. In the end, Mark decided to keep the exemption in the gate, letting everyone breathe a sigh of relief and placing a large $25,000 in the pot. Jon also gave them something else, new journals.

The next day the trip moved from the Andes to Mendoza which seemed a huge lift for Craig since he was now in warmer weather. It also caused some drama along the way as a fight ensued between Clay and Paul as they drove along. I’m not exactly sure what sparked the fight but both were calling each other hypocrites and other names I would never mention here. In the end, a lemon was thrown and people were swapped around in the vans. As Van 2, driven by Alex, drove along they sang their new song “Paul Free” as Paul still continued to bash Clay in the van in front. I’m not exactly sure yet if Paul is playing a moles game or if he’s serious that insane.

At the first mission in Mendoza, everyone was told they would be breaking into three teams of two. That was odd as there were seven players, but of course, there was a twist. Since he was the first person to say “exemption” at breakfast that morning, Craig was given power for the mission. The goal of the mission was for the teams to make it 5 miles to a famous statue in Mendoza, for each team that made it $10,000 would be added to the pot. If none of the teams made it, Craig would get an exemption.

In the beginning, the challenge was very fun and humorous. Craig got to decide how to split up the teams and their form of transportation in traveling the 5 miles. For Alex and Mark, he chose a conquistador suit, donkey and scuba outfit. Kristen and Clay got a unicycle and stilts while Craig saved the best for Nicole and Paul. A llama suit laid in front of them as Nicole was told she’d be the head of the llama while Paul would be, well, the ass of the llama. It was a very fitting choice and was meant to be funny but none of them took it that way.

As Craig and Jon headed to the finish line, Mark rallied everyone against the mission. He told them that he wouldn’t stoop to that level and everyone followed suit. It seemed like Alex and Clay wanted to do the mission, but Kristen and Nicole quickly chimed in that there was no way they could do their assignments. Paul was just being Paul and decided to go crazy about it, complaining and whatnot. So they decided as a “group” (even though it was Mark who decided) to drive the vans to the finish. When they got there they obviously failed and handed over an exemption to Craig.

That night at their execution dinner, Craig apologized to everyone since he felt what he did was wrong since they all treated him nicely when he was sick. They didn’t really talk about it much but you could tell Craig was glad to be safe while everyone hated him for it. As the players took the quizzes it seemed each had a different strategy. While some made more general decisions, Kristen decided to choose one person and answer each question for them. Although she thought it was an advantage, Kristen ended up being the next victim of the mole as she got the dreaded red thumbprint. Next week it seems Paul and Nicole are once again at odds and we get a recap episode. See you there!