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Tips for Avoiding Table Games at the Casino

Living in Los Angeles and Las Vegas affords me the luxury of spending a considerable amount of time in physical casinos or online casinos like Jasabola. Like many, I utilize the casino for entertainment, dining, 25-hour service, gambling, meeting friends, and other sources of occupation. When managed right the casino is a great place to be. It is very secure, offers almost every comfort imaginable, and can provide an enjoyable deviation from the nuances of life. When embraced improperly casinos can be traps of destruction and ruin. I cringe at the amount of money I see spent on games in the casino where the player is at a significant disadvantage. I once was guilty of this very charge. After years of playing and watching blackjack, video poker, pai gow, baccarat, craps, slots finally occurred to me that my money was best invested elsewhere. Despite my newfound wisdom, my love for gambling and action would often smother the fire of common sense. In order to succeed with this learned and empowered knowledge, I employ a few rules to live by in order to avoid casino games and their negatives.

The first and best rule is to not play them altogether. Evade them at every turn and at all costs. If you are traveling to a casino know where your games of weakness are located and steer clear of that section. Grabbing a drink or watching a ball game in most cases can easily be done at the casino without ever seeing a blackjack or three-card poker table. Swimming at the pool does not have to involve a wheel of the fortune slot machine. It is better to take a bath in your room then at the craps table. If you are somehow coerced towards your favorite game fight the feeling and hurry past it without looking. Do not give yourself any chance to sit down by turning your head and moving quickly past the game and on to a more productive endeavor. Out of reach means ought of wallet. In a worst-case scenario and if we simply can not control our actions then we must realize our only option is to stay away from the casino altogether. Even if we manage to miss the table games we do not want to participate in any behavior at the casino that might jeopardize our ability to avoid the negative situations that present themselves.

This starts with not drinking any alcohol or being overly responsible if you do plan on consuming alcohol. This stuff does not pour like rain in Washington for the casino patrons’ health. Through family members, first-hand experience, or the news by 21 years of age we all should understand the dangers of alcohol. It is not a mystery that drunk people at times are more willing to gamble and risk money despite knowing they are at a disadvantage or incapable of making responsible decisions. While at the casino alcohol should be treated with extreme care and consumed with caution. Since it is often free and accessible at the casino we must be even more careful with our intake of alcohol. Even if we can deter our alcohol consumption we still may fall victim to the cravings of the casino.

One truth about gambling is you have to have money to play. If we are responsible and still take pleasure in a table game or slot pull or two we can enjoy all that the casino has to offer while still protecting ourselves. We can do this by limiting our access to money. Regardless of fault, they can not get what we do not have. We do not need to bring credit cards or debit cards with large cash balances to the casino. Bring only what is a reasonable amount of money for you to spend. Not taking cash or credit lines to the casino is an easy way to balance the love of gambling and the house advantage. As silly as this may sound try to create a budget before going to the casino and only bring enough money to manage that budget. We must make sure our spending at the casino can only go as far as what we can comfortably and responsibly lose. Discretionary income should be the only money that sees the casino floor. Constant losing or acknowledged disadvantages will not always quell our thirst to gamble.

If we must go to the casino and gamble as the hobby or entertainment in our lives we do not necessarily have to throw our money away at video poker and keno. There are many gambling alternatives that can be far less dangerous to our bankroll but still provide a thrill. Sports betting is one option that is often overlooked. Most sporting events are 3 hours long and on tv at the casino. Most everyone loves sports or has a favorite team. Betting $20 on a game can be much more fun than betting $20 on a spin of the roulette wheel. Sports wagering might still be gambling and a losing proposition for many of us but it is a gambling alternative that provides a lot of action but allows us to lose our money at a slower and more well thought out pace. Items like parlays in sports betting give us the opportunity to spend a little amount of money with the chance of a large payout and a long time period of gaming enjoyment. Another alternative might be something like a poker tournament. Here is another possibly low-risk high reward proposition where skill can be a deciding factor in results. Since sports betting and poker are beatable and more player specific the house charges betting fees (juice and rake) rather than just sucking up the money from incompetent or miss-directed gamblers. After learning many expensive and hard to handle lessons it is because of the tips above that I am now able to save my money, be a happier person and still revel in my time spent at one of my favorite places, the casino.

A great number of us love to gamble. An even greater number loves to spend time in the casino. It should always be about playing responsibly and having a good time. The money will always be a valuable tool. If we can save a little extra from being thrown away at losing propositions we just might be able to channel our extra wealth into more positive and winning situations. Invest wisely and happy gambling.

I’ll Bet Ya a Dime Gambling Wins in Alabama

There is a war going on in Alabama. It’s bitter and it’s dirty. It is pitting the lame-duck Governor Riley against the Attorney General, Troy King. It has a Task Force headed by a lame-duck District Attorney who took over the job when his predecessor was found to be a gambler using websites such as 먹튀! Middle of the night heavily armed raids with no warrants have been foiled by fast-acting attorneys. As the old song says – I tell ya folks – we got trouble right here in River City with a capital G and that rhymes with B and that stands for Bingo. You see venues across the state have opened which have slot machines that are really fancy bingo machines because bingo is legal and slots are not. Except of course if you are on an Indian reservation – then it’s ok even if the reservation is in Alabama.

Any day in most Alabama newspapers you can read about this serious conflict and the millions of dollars being spent and the thousands of jobs being lost in rural counties desperate for new opportunities to financially survive. Television ads accuse the governor of accepting money from gambling interests in Mississippi to keep casino gambling out of Alabama. The new head of the Taskforce – Mr. Tyson – admits having accepted hundreds of thousands of dollars of donations from gaming interests to his campaigns in the past.

On Friday, February 12, 2010, the Mobile Press-Register ran an article stating that on Tuesday a bill marketed as the Sweet Home Alabama plan, which has been written by negotiating with gaming executives, legislators, county commissioners, and city council members, would be introduced so that on November 2 the voters of the state could decide to rewrite the constitution to allow electronic bingo casinos called ‘points of destination’ at 10 locations statewide. Each location could have as many as 1000 gambling machines. Electronic bingo machines would be banned everywhere else in the state.

The same day the newspaper also reported that the leader of the Legislative Black Caucus Rep. John Rogers has asked the attorney general to intervene and stop the shutdown of electronic bingo casinos around the state. If he refuses the group will ask for a U.S. Department of Justice Department investigation into what Rogers calls the ‘harassment and threats’ of casino owners and their employees by Gov. Bob Riley and his Task Force on Illegal Gambling. The attorney general is holding a conference on Wednesday and it is expected that he will address this request. The Mobile Press-Register reported on February 14, 2010, that King has already cautioned the governor that he could be ‘unnecessarily subjecting the state treasury to millions if not hundreds of millions of dollars in liability’. Governor Riley and Mr. King have been at odds on this subject and the governor chose to not include the Attorney General on the Taskforce which originally was created in December 2008.

The machines look and play just like regular slot machines and money is paid out based on rapid computerized games of bingo. Victoryland in Montgomery and County Crossing in Dothan have already closed to prevent the confiscation of their machines by those conducting raids. Greenetrack in Greene County remains open with warnings from Mr. Tyson that they will raid without warrants and shut them down if they do not voluntarily close their casino operations. The sheriff of Greene County Ison Thomas has even threatened to authorize the deputizing of citizens for the purpose of stopping the raids.

So far there has not been any bloodshed. But if the leaders of this state continue in the direction they are going it won’t belong.

Best ways for gaining free-spins:

Free-spins are quite beneficial for casino gamblers and thus every gambler wants to have the same. But these spins cannot be acquired easily rather the player needs to apply few useful tricks. Now, you can avail these spins at varied links that are posted over different social-media pages but be careful about the authenticity of the links before you click.  

How can you get free spins? 

  • In some cases, Facebook friends can be invited by each other at the poker casinos online for gaining free-spins. This is one of the leading ways that can gift you with free-spins that you can use at your advantage during your gambling play online.

  • Free-plays are often gifted as well. There are many players that gift their friends with fee-plays for helping them out from the stuck-up condition especially at the time of playing casino games. 
  • Select slot-machines properly as there are few machines that offer you the opportunity of getting free-spins. You can utilize those spins for doubling your chances of winning in the game. Without proper research you will not be able to find out the appropriate slot-machine.
  • You can now get few gaming sites online that are offering free-spins. You can visit them carefully for having free-spins. Make sure that you are receiving the spins without making any kind of deposit. If the site is asking for any deposit then you should instantly back out. 

If you want to stay in the game for a long time, then nothing can be the best option other than having more and more free-spins. You have to create a proper reserve of free-spins for fulfilling the actual requirement of your play. Opt for the best deals that can benefit you in your game but for having them intensive research online is very much necessary and this is quite an approved fact.

Don’t Be the Fish at the Poker Table

I just finished watching the World Series of Poker, and I learned some valuable tips from Https:// If I ever sat down at a table full of pros, I would definitely be the easiest target, or as professionals would say the “fish”. But here are some tips to make it less obvious that I’m the sucker at the table.

  1. Don’t look at your cards as soon as they are dealt with. This makes you look too anxious. Wait a few seconds…or even better, wait until it’s your turn to call. You don’t want to look over-eager. Plus, doing this will keep you from sweating while the other players make their decisions.
  1. Be careful with your chips. Don’t knock them over, don’t play with them, don’t try to line up the white lines and make the stacks even. And for God’s sake, don’t try to build things with them like they are a set of blocks. If you can’t shuffle them like the pros, don’t try.
  1. Be yourself. Don’t try to imitate Phil Helmuth or Daniel Negrano. Don’t bring an orange to the table to be like Johnny Chan. Don’t wear a cowboy hat to imitate Chris Ferguson or Doyle Brunson. Just be yourself.
  1. Don’t play the role of the sucker. Don’t wear a “fish” hat. Don’t wear a t-shirt that says, “I’m just happy to be here.” In fact, don’t wear anything that has to do with poker unless it’s an advertisement for a poker site. Don’t walk around talking about how excited you are. Don’t talk to too many people…you are bound to give yourself away if you do.
  1. Don’t get overly excited when you see a celebrity poker player. Don’t run up to Phil Ivey asking for his autograph. Treat them like normal people because that’s what they are. If you treat them like gods, they will gladly take your money at the table, and you have helped them do it.

These are just a few tips that might help you last a little longer at the tables. They probably won’t save you. Here is one more rule of thumb. If you are sitting down at the table, looking around, trying to spot the fish and you don’t see him, ask yourself one question. Am I the fish? Odds are, you are. Don’t expect too much; if you are the “fish” at the table, you are most likely going to be caught.

Why The Poker Game In Rounders Realistic?

 There are lots of people who consider Pkv games as rounders realistic, and somehow it is true because cherishing these games is excited. There are lots of players all around the world who are playing and earning money through poker games. It becomes versatile for everyone to play such games because it can be easily played. It is one of the most appropriate platforms for playing games and getting money. One needs to go through lots of aspects of playing poker games. This is because some websites are not legalized, so it is better for you to go through the website, which is genuine as well as legalized. 

According to the research, it has been listed that poker games in rounders are realistic which varies with the last scene, which is dramatic by playing head-up. It is exciting as well as realistic to play such a game.  Also, one should go through the benefits of playing poker games. As a reason, there are several benefits one can attain from poker online games. 

  • It has been listed that playing poker games is better than watching movies because it requires skills and tricks to understand the techniques of playing poker games. 
  • If you are aware of all the rules and regulations of playing poker games, then it becomes easy for you to win such games.
  • Not only this, but the biggest benefit of playing poker games online is also that you can earn money through it. 
  • You don’t have to depend on any particular website because there are lots of websites through which you can easily cherish poker games online.

All the essential information is listed in the above section so that you can go through each term wisely, and it becomes easy for you to earn money through poker games online.

For the Gambler or the Tourist, These Are the Best Times of the Year to Visit Las Vegas

Las Vegas has something for everyone, not just for gamblers. The key is to know when to go. Sometimes are better than other, whether you want to go on a budget, just gamble, party to the hilt, or check out conventions.

For the budget minded, off- season is the way to go if you want to save money. Las Vegas doesn’t have a distinct off-season, but it does have off-peak periods. Those off-peak periods are weeks following holidays, the middle of the summer, and January to early February. The weeks following holidays still allow you to do and see everything in Las Vegas, but without the crowds and higher hotel prices. You can still visit Las Vegas in the summer comfortably as long as you stay inside. You can even relax at your hotel and connect to the internet to play Pkv games. Visiting Las Vegas during January to early February, however, does not allow you to take in shows. Entertainment typically goes on hiatus during that time period.

Everyday in Las Vegas is a day for gamblers, but there are times of the year when the gambling is much more exciting. Two times in particular are Super Bowl Sunday and the NCAA Basketball Men’s Final Four Tournament. You can go to any casino to watch the games, but you probably will not find a place to sit may not be able to eat while you watch the game. For those who do not want to stand and watch, check out some of the many clubs and restaurants throughout the city, as most will host game day parties. These parties will be announced a few months in advance of the event, so you should have an opportunity to purchase tickets or secure reservations before you arrive in Las Vegas.

Vegas certainly knows how to party, and the time to go for the ultimate party in New Year’s Eve. Plan to but you hotel and flight months in advance, since this is one of the most popular and priciest times to visit. All the hottest entertainers are here, and they have fireworks and parties galore. When it gets close to December in the year you plan to travel, check out websites such as for tickets and more details about special events.

The International Consumer Electronics Show held January 8-11, 2009, is the time for gadget enthusiasts to visit Las Vegas. All the hottest new electronics are unveiled at this trade show, though you may not be able to purchase them at the show. Visit the CES website closer to January 2009 to find out about exhibits and even to make travel arrangements. You can also take some time out to gamble or see a show, but who would want to do that?

For Nintendo and Game Lovers Everywhere

Even those of us who now own XBOX, Playstation, and/or Nintendo Wii, or you play Slot Online in Indonesia it’s almost a surefire bet that given the chance to play the old-school games from the 1980s, we’d do it.

While there are hundreds of emulators available online for download, not all of them are compatible with every system, and some have even been found to contain viruses. The Supernova worm, according to, disguises itself as emulator software, particularly that of the XBOX and Nintendo GameCube.

So, this begs the question, “Are there legitimate emulator sites out there?” The answer is yes. One, in particular, doesn’t require the user to download any sort of software. The games are available right on the site, as long as you have Java enabled on your browser. features a number of great selections, including Pac-Man, Tetris, Super Mario Bros., Sonic the Hedgehog, and Metroid.

The X button on your keyboard represents the Nintendo “A button,” while Z represents the “B button.” Enter is used for Start, Space for Select, and P for Pause. Sounds great, right? Yes and no.

Because you’re using your keyboard, in this instance, certain games are much easier to play than others. Arguably, the easiest games to play in this format are RPGs, such as the Dragon Warrior and Final Fantasy series. Due to the lack of an actual controller in your hands, it’s hard to pull off some of the fancy maneuvers you may have used on your original NES. However, to a truly skilled player, this may not make a huge difference.

The RPGs use a save-state that is directly connected to the website. However, if you happen to be in the middle of one of these games, and you erase your Internet History, your game will disappear in a flash. While this isn’t a major problem, it’s recommended that you refrain from cleaning the History directory, or Cookies, until you’ve finished your game.

That aside, the games are almost exactly like having the actual NES in front of you; the graphics and sound are practically identical. One other warning: the screen on which you play is very small, which means it may take a while for your eyes to adjust. After some time, however, it won’t make too much of a difference.

Beyond the Nintendo games, there are a number of remakes of the classic Nintendo and Sega games, such as Sonic the Hedgehog, Castlevania, and The Legend of Zelda. Some of these remakes are great; others, not so much. While the graphics may look incredible compared to the NES versions, the play control is often terrible. In fact, this would be my biggest complaint about the site. If you’re going to play an emulated game, it is much easier, in fact, to do so on your XBOX, or another system that permits such games. Of course, for those who don’t own an XBOX, or have concerns about installing suspicious software, 1980-games is an ideal site to use.

It’s worth mentioning that in addition to the games themselves, the site has a number of related videos to complement each game (also available on YouTube, but here they’re neatly arranged together.) For example, under “Super Mario Bros. 3,” you’ll find the infamous video of an anonymous player completing the game in approximately 11 minutes, without losing a life or even getting hit. Under “Dragon Warrior 4,” you can see clips of the Japanese version(s) of the game, released for PlayStation and other systems.

If Shockwave games are more your style, it’ll be worth your time to browse through, the homepage for all things Shockwave and Flash. carries an amazing variety of games, including puzzles, card games (poker, blackjack, etc.) racing, shooters, and sports.

Included among the top puzzle games are Bejeweled 2, the spectacularly addictive matching game using diamonds, emeralds, rubies, and sapphires. The concept is simple: match rows of three or more of the same gem, and you gain points. The real key, however, is setting off “chain reactions” that score multiple points and clear the board faster. Unfortunately, the game itself is no longer available online; you need to download it. The download version can be played free for a limited time, and then you’ll be asked to purchase it. Having downloaded (and paid for) the Deluxe version, however, I can say that it’s worth it. It includes cool music, great visual effects and sound, and play modes that can’t be found on the Shockwave site.

In the “Music and Photos” category, one of the most popular games is Sveerz, a catchy puzzle game that includes a great funky soundtrack by composer Michael Sweet. The object of the game is to match a sequence of colors and musical notes, represented by the “Sveerz,” little singing gumball-shaped creatures. The concept is very similar to the classic Simon, but Sveerz takes it a few steps further by giving the Sveerz the ability to sing notes and make facial expressions as you play. In between rounds, you may notice some clever parodies of famous paintings in the background, with Sveerz randomly inserted into them (example: Edward Hopper’s Nighthawks).

Also popular with the artistic crowd may be InkLink, a version of charades (or Pictionary) in which you’re given a word or phrase, and asked to draw it. The rest of the players have to guess in the time allotted. During this game, you can also chat with other players, using thought balloons connected to your screen name. Any obvious profanity used, however, is automatically censored; this even extends into instant messaging. WARNING: for younger players, many of these instant messages tend to involve cybersex or other adult-themed ideas. If you’re over 18, however, it’s fair to say that anything goes. The only major disadvantage of InkLink maybe its lack of variety; if you play often, you’ll tend to see the same answers again.

Final Fantasy XII: A Deviation From The Classic Final Fantasy Formula?

Having only played starting from Final Fantasy VII, I can’t say I’m a hardcore fan of the series. I do, however, love every final fantasy from 7 and up, including the notorious X-2 that seemed to mar the series until the highly anticipated release of Final Fantasy XII. Fans have waited five long years for another main Final Fantasy title. Well, it’s finally here; but was it worth the wait? Traditional Final Fantasy fans don’t seem too pleased, and I also feel that there is something missing.

Final Fantasy XII introduces a wide range of changes from past Final Fantasies. The most notable being the real-time non-random battle system. Traditionally, Final Fantasy allows the character to travel across areas and encounter battles randomly. No monsters are displayed on the screen (with the exception of special cutscenes and such) until the random battle is initiated. Final Fantasy XII eliminates this altogether and almost makes it seem like an action-RPG.

Enemy characters are displayed in the same environment that the player is in. If the player happens to be too close to the enemy, a battle will be initiated by the enemy moving towards the player in a battle stance, automatically engaging the player in battle. Once all enemies are defeated, the party members simply sheath their weapons and continue on; no load time in between battles.

There is simply no time to put down your weapons and rest in the initial stages as the enemy force is too strong to be tackled by a single person and this is what makes this Pkv Games Online training more thrilling and goose bump inducing experience.

With this new battle system, it is obviously more difficult to control the flow of battle since it occurs in real time. Unlike previous final fantasies, where the player is notified when a party member is ready to take action, Final Fantasy XII allows the player to create “AI” for their party members using the Gambit system. I found this rather simple and easy to use. I enjoyed sitting back and watching my party members fight, while manually making moves occasionally when necessary, such as boss fights.

One aspect I felt was lacking is the character development. Perhaps it might just be me, but I did not feel any strong connection to the game and its story while I was playing. The characters did not make me feel sorry for them, did not make me want to cry, did not make me angry, and the story was somewhat uninteresting to me as well.

One major aspect that I personally did not like was the fact that… Final Fantasy XII did NOT have a romantic aspect. From Final Fantasy VII and on, I was drawn emotionally to the developing love between the character (or characters). Upon completing the game, I was anxious to view the ending movie, hoping for some sort of romance to occur. I was truly shocked when nothing of the sort occurred. Maybe I’m just a sucker for that stuff, but it was nevertheless a deviation from the previous Final Fantasies.

Overall I feel that Final Fantasy XII is a quality RPG. The license system allows adequate customization and by far one of the HARDEST Final Fantasies I have played. As an RPG, Final Fantasy XII scores. However, as a Final Fantasy? Maybe not.

Super Smash Bros. Brawl Character Guide: Peach

Peach’s assortment of silly moves and her ability to float make her an effective character for the player who takes the time to learn her play style. Her key specialty is her ability to float, which is used by either holding the jump button (this starts the float at the apex of the jump) or by pressing down on the analog stick. You can press down to initiate the float at any point in the jump, or hold it while jumping to immediately start floating. This way you can cover right above the ground, allowing you to float back and forth while using continuously unleashing the full fury of your aerial attacks. This can be quite terrifying and unstoppable for the beginning player, who probably won’t have any idea how to defend against such an attack. However, it should be noted that Peach’s ground jump is really terrible and hardly gets any vertical distance, so you will often have to use her double jump if you want to get anywhere. This is especially notable in story mode and the target tests.

Standard Attacks

Peach’s standard combo is a double slap that is surprisingly strong and useful. Use it to smack opponents away. Her down tilt is pretty good, but don’t expect to use it all that often as it isn’t that speedy. Her forward tilt is pretty useless, it’s a high kick that’s weak, slow, and sends opponents straight up. Probably her worst standard attack, you won’t be using it much or at all. Her up tilt is very good since it has good area of effect and power.

Peach’s running attack, her princess shove, is one of her staple ground moves. With the lack of a good forward tilt, Peach’s running attack becomes her main forward attack, and it’s a good one. It hits quickly and has good power. Peach’s up smash is very good if you can hit it right, but that can be tricky and requires a good situation. Her forward smash can be a decent killing move, but it is unpredictable since it there are three random weapons she will use. One is a golf club, which has good range and decent power, especially if you hit with the head. Her tennis racket has better knockback but less range. Finally, she has her trusty frying pan, which hits with a satisfying metal thunk and hits the opponent straight up. Unfortunately, this means it probably won’t kill them, except at very hit percentages. Peach’s legendary down smash isn’t anywhere near as good as it was in Super Smash Bros. Melee. You can still use it to rack up some damage every once in a while, but you probably won’t ever kill anyone with it, since it doesn’t hit anywhere near as hard as it did in the last game. It still sends people off at unpredictable trajectories, but the power decrease has really made this move pretty average or below average. It’s range isn’t that great either

Special Attacks

Peach’s special attacks aren’t that great overall. Toad is pretty useless and will usually just leave you open for attack. Its only real useful purpose is to block super projectiles coming your way, such as a Samus’s charge shot. Just make sure no one is close enough to counterattack you. Don’t use it on projectiles that can be sent out faster that you can use Toad, since you’ll just rack up spam damage. Peach’s up special isn’t exactly a great recovery move. She’ll float down afterwards which can leave you open to attack if you aren’t careful, though her parasol will actually hit the opponent first sometimes, if they come in for an aerial attack.

Peach’s forward special should only be use in times of good opportunity, but otherwise it’s pretty useless. It just takes too long, though it doesn’t leave you as open as it did in Melee. Peach’s down special is probably her most useful special attack. She’ll pull turnips out of the ground (you cannot use this move in the air), which you can then toss like an item to harass and damage opponents. Just be aware that, like items, it can be grabbed out of the air by an opponent. Also note that she pulls out turnips with different faces, some of which are stronger or have special abilities. Sometimes she can even pull out other items, such as a beam sword! In fact, she’s surprisingly good with a beam sword, twirling it around like a deadly baton. Be on the lookout for one turnip in particular though… it has eyes that are sewn shut into X’s and can kill opponents in one hit!


Peach’s throws are pretty good, though her forward throw (her grab ‘n slap) isn’t as strong as it was in Melee, where it was one of the few throws that could actually kill people. Still, it’s pretty good, especially as far as forward throws are concerned, since those are usually much weaker than back throws. Speaking of which, her back throw (her butt bump, or rump bump, if you will) is also good. Her down throw is good for setting up her up smash, though her up throw isn’t that useful since it sends the opponent too high for a ground attack, and Peach’s really can’t chase people into the air to follow up with up aerials, party because she has poor vertical jumping abilities and party because her up aerial sucks.

Aerial Attacks

As mentioned before, Peach’s ability to float, especially inches about the ground, make her aerial attacks her bread and butter. Unlike other characters you won’t have to do constant short jumps to use your powerful air attacks, you can simply hover above the ground and spam them until your float ends. The scariest move you can use in this way is her forward air, where she uses her crown to slash in front of her. This move starts slowly but has a powerful hit; if you master floating back and forth you can send a nonstop flurry of these at your opponent. Her back air is a butt bump (just like her back throw) that hits well and comes out quick. Her down air is a flurry of downward stomps that can also be use to great extent when you are floating at ground level, right into your opponent. Her neutral air is once again, a great attack, which comes out much quicker than her forward air for those times that you can afford to waste time. Finally, her up air is just plain hard to use and not worth the trouble. It’s easily her worst air attack and you probably won’t use it very much at all, especially with success.

Final Smash

Peach’s final smash involves putting everyone to sleep with hypnotic dancing, which also puts girly graphic frames around the screen and calls down a rain of peaches. Everyone incurs decent damage when they are put to sleep, but once they wake up they can eat the peaches and heal themselves. Which begs the question…. do you sleeping opponents or eat the peaches? You don’t really have much time before they wake, but given the amount of peaches you should probably go for those first, especially in battles with many players. In one on one battles, if you think you’ve got a good handle on the enemy, you could eat a couple of peaches, knock him around a bit, and finish the rest, but in free for alls there are simply too many people to manage and you’ll end up helping someone if you don’t eat the peaches before everyone wakes up.

That concludes the Peach guide. Overall, Peach is a good character that just requires a bit of patience to learn. Remember to rely on your air attacks and your floating ability. On the ground use her running attack as your primary move, and don’t forget that, unlike most characters, Peach’s forward tilt is useless. This game is as awesome as pkv games online. It is very enticing to game because of the character in the game itself. It is also unique and quite different from other games that you can play online. So if you want to play this game, what are you waiting for? Go and download it now!

Another Mole Player Bites the Dust

After a crazy round of Victoria, the biggest Mole suspect leaving, it’s time for another sabotage as the Mole returns. It seems Craig isn’t feeling any better as he’s freezing even after having four layers of clothing on. Nicole filled us in once again about the execution and figures that whoever she thinks is the mole ends up leaving. Um is that because SHE is the mole? Paul, on the other hand, continued his streak to become a real villain as he wants to make everyone go even more crazy. Well with all this popularity there are tons of online games that are available with a similar storyline. You can try such games at BandarQ Online and move the story the way you like. 

The challenge was then started and titled “All For One”. It was rather interesting as it forced them all to trust each other to either grab a key or an exemption. All of the players were chained together and the only way for one person to move was for everyone else to move back, giving them the slack to move. The object of the mission was for everyone to be released from the chains by dawn. The catch was every ten minutes a gate opened with either a key or an exemption to be taken. One at a time they could go up to the game but had to be given the chance to.

At first, it seemed like nobody would really budge, but Craig was having more problems being out in the cold. Jon told them that once they left the chain they would join him for a warm meal and a warm bed. If someone took the exemption, the rest of the players would stay out in the cold for the rest of the night and no money would be won. If they completed the mission with nobody taking the exemption then $25,000 would be added to the pot. It was a huge reward but it was going to be a struggle to get everyone on board.

Back to Craig, who was obviously going to be suffering out in the cold. Everyone knew he was having problems and agreed to let him go. The next person to ask to leave was Kristen, who was also having problems with the cold. Clay didn’t want to give it to her at first, but she reminded him that he owed her for his exemption last round. She, like Craig, walked up to the cage and grabbed the key.

The next few choices were interesting and seemed tough for the remaining players. Nobody really wanted to go next and nobody wanted anyone else to go next. Mark at one point even mentioned he didn’t trust himself which put Clay off a bit. He’s working with Mark and felt their coalition unravel. Ultimately they let Paul go after swearing on his daughter he wouldn’t take the exemption. He was true to his word and walked into the warm cabin with the others. There they discussed who would go next and most of them thought Mark would take the exemption or be the one to screw everyone over.

Back at the gate, we had Alex, Clay, Mark, and Nicole. It was obvious that Mark wouldn’t budge and either would Alex. Although he wanted to wait it out a bit longer Clay let things in the hands of fate and decided to go for the key. Nicole ended up being next and being somewhat nice didn’t take the exemption and kept the money. This left Alex and Mark standing at the gate. Alex knew Mark wouldn’t budge still and ended up leaving him there alone. Back at the cabin, everyone believed Mark would take the exemption as he was still mad about the journals. In the end, Mark decided to keep the exemption in the gate, letting everyone breathe a sigh of relief and placing a large $25,000 in the pot. Jon also gave them something else, new journals.

The next day the trip moved from the Andes to Mendoza which seemed a huge lift for Craig since he was now in warmer weather. It also caused some drama along the way as a fight ensued between Clay and Paul as they drove along. I’m not exactly sure what sparked the fight but both were calling each other hypocrites and other names I would never mention here. In the end, a lemon was thrown and people were swapped around in the vans. As Van 2, driven by Alex, drove along they sang their new song “Paul Free” as Paul still continued to bash Clay in the van in front. I’m not exactly sure yet if Paul is playing a moles game or if he’s serious that insane.

At the first mission in Mendoza, everyone was told they would be breaking into three teams of two. That was odd as there were seven players, but of course, there was a twist. Since he was the first person to say “exemption” at breakfast that morning, Craig was given power for the mission. The goal of the mission was for the teams to make it 5 miles to a famous statue in Mendoza, for each team that made it $10,000 would be added to the pot. If none of the teams made it, Craig would get an exemption.

In the beginning, the challenge was very fun and humorous. Craig got to decide how to split up the teams and their form of transportation in traveling the 5 miles. For Alex and Mark, he chose a conquistador suit, donkey and scuba outfit. Kristen and Clay got a unicycle and stilts while Craig saved the best for Nicole and Paul. A llama suit laid in front of them as Nicole was told she’d be the head of the llama while Paul would be, well, the ass of the llama. It was a very fitting choice and was meant to be funny but none of them took it that way.

As Craig and Jon headed to the finish line, Mark rallied everyone against the mission. He told them that he wouldn’t stoop to that level and everyone followed suit. It seemed like Alex and Clay wanted to do the mission, but Kristen and Nicole quickly chimed in that there was no way they could do their assignments. Paul was just being Paul and decided to go crazy about it, complaining and whatnot. So they decided as a “group” (even though it was Mark who decided) to drive the vans to the finish. When they got there they obviously failed and handed over an exemption to Craig.

That night at their execution dinner, Craig apologized to everyone since he felt what he did was wrong since they all treated him nicely when he was sick. They didn’t really talk about it much but you could tell Craig was glad to be safe while everyone hated him for it. As the players took the quizzes it seemed each had a different strategy. While some made more general decisions, Kristen decided to choose one person and answer each question for them. Although she thought it was an advantage, Kristen ended up being the next victim of the mole as she got the dreaded red thumbprint. Next week it seems Paul and Nicole are once again at odds and we get a recap episode. See you there!

Quickly Contained Fire on the Roof of Las Vegas’ Monte Carlo Casino Rouses Feelings of Unease

Angry black smoke from one of the top Las Vegas Strip casinos could be seen for miles in the distance. Engulfing the top of the Monte Carlo Resort and Casino – a locale prized by many a traveler for its very location on the Strip – those enjoying an early lunch or late morning gambling expedition were horrified to see that just after 11:00 AM the upper floors appeared to be on fire. This is why it is recommended that all the casino lovers can try until the Monte Carlo Resort and Casino is back to normal. Here you will get all the casino and slot games that you can enjoy at the comfort of your house. 

Even as firefighters were fighting to contain the blaze, they were hampered by the fact that roof access would prove difficult, as this appears to have been a potential starting point for the fire, the BBC stated at one point. Fortunately, they were proven wrong.

Although the fire appeared to be confined to the top three floors of the magnificent resort, neither firefighters nor the building’s management would take any risks, and all guests, gamblers, and employees were evacuated. With the ongoing construction around the property, it was not surprising to learn that welders were previously seen on Monte Carlo’s roof and speculation runs amok that perhaps this might be the accidental cause for the fire.

CNN has posted several live shots of the blaze online and they clearly show that the fire is indeed contained in one area of the building, with nobody appearing to be trapped by either the smoke or the flames.

Even as no foul play is suspected at this time and the flames are well contained and do not pose a threat to visitors or other properties, the recent bout of nearby California wildfires, some of which were set intentionally, are making some visitors nervous. Add to this the fact that many of Las Vegas’ diehard visitors remember vividly the loss of human life associated with the 1980 MGM Grand fire, and also the much more recent craziness that ensued when a shooter indiscriminately fired into the crowd at the New York casino in July of last year, and it is not surprising that tension is running high.

Just as officials urge a wait and see approach, the town that has endured the recent bad press associated with Vegas headliner, illusionist David Copperfield’s sexual-assault allegation stands to lose some bookings over the upcoming Valentine’s Day celebration that is just a few weeks away.

The Monte Carlo, which is located right next to the New York and catty-corner from the MGM Grand, is home to famous magician Lance Burton and has just begun to get ready for the betting frenzy that will ensure during the early February Superbowl weekend. It is uncertain when guests will once again be permitted to resume their stays.

Why Do I Lose Money Playing Online Poker

This is a question that many, many frustrated online poker players on pkv poker ask. The real problem is that most online poker novices are not capable of being critical of themselves and instead would sooner say that the reason why I lose money playing online poker is because the poker room is rigged, it’s set for them to lose or some other rubbish

If you have ever thought a poker room is rigged then maybe I can give you a list of more possible reasons why you lose money playing online poker.

Now without seeing your specific game it’s going to be hard to say exactly what’s going wrong (this is why I have so many student game review videos on the site) but I’m fairly certain that most players will have at least a few of the most common leaks that I am about to mention, in their game. Just a couple of these mistakes is all it takes from knowing how to win at poker to losing.

Most Costly (and common) Mistakes In Poker

Below are the 10 most common things you should look at before asking yourself why do I lose money playing online poker. I have also included some links at the end of the articles to point you in the right direction to fixing some of these issues.

So many players play well above the levels of their bankroll and because of this go broke a lot. You want a comfortable cushion because even when you play really well you should still expect to have days where you lose multiple buy ins just due to variance.

A lot of player that just start out and even some that have been playing for a while have no table selection plan. A lot of money in poker comes from finding weaker opponents than you and so you should actively seek them out. In a heads up SNG you can check screen names of players sat down by using a site called sharkscope. If you prefer cash games then an easy way to find fish is to look in the lobby for players sat with less than a full stack but close to one. All good players know to keep their stacks topped up to full so that they do not miss value in any hand that presents itself. Fish on the other hand will often not have a clue about this and you’ll see them sat with an odd number of chips say 89 blinds rather than 100.

The poker sites are not rigged to steal you few bucks, why would they be? These sites earn money from rake not deposits so they want to make sure money everything is legitimate to keep players playing and the rake flowing. again ONLINE POKER IS NOT RIGGED!

Another common trait especially amongst heads up poker players that want to ‘prove they are the best’ by only playing other winning players. The truth is that even if you are better, you will add so much more variance into your game that your graph will go up and down like a yo yo. I’m not saying to never play good players as part of a balanced strategy to improve but understand that the fish are the real targets in poker.

Some draws are good to call to hit, others are fine to raise and some, yes some are fine to fold. An example may be when you are out of position against a player that is not too spewy and you call his bet, shallow stacked, with only a gut shot (you have 4 out). I see far too many players just chase, chase, chase or calling on later streets with little to no implied odds. So if you don’t understand when to draw and when not to then you may want to hire a poker coach or talk to some players that do know in our strategy forum

You may not really understand the difference between a ‘dry flop’ or a ‘wet flop’ which is an important part of hand reading and then helps with when to bet as bluffs or bet for value (as you think you easily have the best hand).

These sites earn money from rake not deposits so they want to make sure money everything is legitimate to keep players playing and the rake flowing. Online gambling is done in order to let people win cash in return of their wagers. Most of the online gambling sites offer rewards like the cashback, promotions etc.

Poker – Basic Poker Rules for the Beginners!!!

It would be quite difficult to learn how to play the poker. Two types of poker is available like stud poker and Draw poker. Rules for these games are completely identical. If you are playing a stud poker then you will have to deal with five cards.  Poker is straightforward game to learn but rules of such game are difficult to learn.  Before moving to professional poker website, you will have to clear the basics. Make sure that you are learning Texas Hold ‘em that is considered as one of the most popular poker game that is available on every website.

There are different kinds of poker variants are out there that you will able play online and offline. Majority of the poker rules are completely consistent from game to game. Here are some reasons why you should learn basic rule of the poker.

  • Texas Hold’ em 

It is considered as one of the most popular poker game that you will able to play with your friends.  Whether you are participating in the tournament or as a ring game, basic rules of such game will remain similar. 

  • Omaha

Omaha is second best poker variant which is completely different from Texas Hold em. In order to become master in the Omaha then you will have to learn basic rules carefully. Different kinds of sub-variants of Omaha are out there and every one comes with its specificities & strong player base. If you don’t have sufficient knowledge about such game then you should find out free versions where you will able to practice.

Moving Further, Dominoqq is really great platform where a person will surely able to find all these games.  If you don’t want to face any issue then you should visit such website where you can easily learn rules of such game.

Gamble at These Casinos in Southern Minnesota and Iowa

There are a few casino’s in the Minnesota area that I am from. They are:

Mystic Lake ( ) in Prior Lake, Minnesota.

Jackpot Junction ( in Morton, Minnesota.

Treasure Island ( is in Welch, Minnesota.

Diamond Jo North ( in Northwood, Iowa.

Black Bear casino ( ) is in Carlton, Minnesota.

My favorite machine is, without a doubt, the Joker Poker machine. I like to play it because once I have the cards I need, an offer pops up on the screen that asks me if I wish to ‘˜double up’.

I like to double up. What does this mean? Well. If I am playing a machine that plays the same as the ‘˜Yahtzee’ game, I select the Jacks or better playing option. That means, that if I get a couple face cards, I need to ‘˜hold them’ and hope that I match one of them. I usually get a pair of cards and I end up getting to play ‘˜double up’. Double-up mode gives me one card, face up, and four cards face down. The face down card belongs to the ‘˜dealer’ and the four down cards are mine.

What is my goal in double up? I can see the face up card and my job is to pick the one card, of the four facing down, that will beat that face up card. Many times, I have gotten a two that is face up and have gone on to win. It is a very perplexing situation to have a larger card be the face up. That means I have a better chance of just losing.

I love to win but, I expect that I will lose. So, any money that I lose, I consider ‘˜just entertainment.’ What else can you do? I have fun. That is what counts. Sometimes I can play for hours, winning a little, losing a little.

My best day at Mystic was the moment that I doubled up, four times, and walked out of the casino with over five hundred dollars. That was great. The next time I spent eighty dollars at the casino, ended up scraping coins off the floor in the back seat and losing them.

Trust me, there is nothing more annoying to someone playing progressives than to have someone sitting next to them, putting nickels into the machine and changing the odds. A person can get in a lot of hot water at the casino. I have to giggle, just a little bit —

My daughter lost her twenty-four dollars at Black Bear. It took all of four or five hours to lose it. She spent a lot of time watching her fiancee play, so it took that long to lose it all. She had fun, both playing, and watching him play.

She has also been to Mystic Lake. She has been there more than once. I used to take her, and her brother along with me, when I would go. They would go to the giant play place and I would go spend my forty dollars. I had to save enough money to ‘˜buy them back’ since the play place charged about twelve dollars an hour to regain my children.

I had fun, they had fun and then, we’d stop along the way to buy burgers for the trip home. It was a fun day for all of us. I stopped doing that when the kids were too old to go to the play place. Now, they are old enough to go gamble with me, but only my daughter has any interest in going, so we have a ‘˜mother/daughter outing’ to accomplish this.

One year, my husband was working in the Redwood Falls area, and one day, instead of him driving home, I drove down there to stay in the hotel with him. We went out to eat at Jackpot Junction in Morton, Minnesota. They had a seafood buffet that was excellent. Good eating! It wasn’t very expensive, maybe twelve dollars for ‘˜all you can eat’. I went back the next day and put a few quarters in. I did not win but, I had a good time. Then I drove home.

We went to Diamond Jo’s Casino a few months ago. I wrote a poem about it. The weather was crappy. We went in two vehicles with a few couples. We went to the Seafood Buffet. The weather kept a lot of people from going there, so the food wasn’t very good. I cannot judge the food based on this visit because it was dried out and not very tasty. I blame it on the weather.

I have eaten at the Buffet at Mystic Lake. My friend and I went there. I think it was under fifteen dollars to eat there. She had one black olive that she said tasted kind of funny and when we went to go sit at a Joker Poker machine later, she ended up throwing up. Everything tasted okay to me.

Treasure Island. I think I have been there twice. I went with a bus trip with the people I work with. I think I lost all my money in the first fifteen minutes I was there. I was stuck there for six hours until we all went back home. I was miserable and bored to tears. I ended up watching a co-worker blow a lot of money. She said that it was her only form of entertainment every year and she saved up each year to go. I did not see the point of it at all.

Most of the casinoes offer free beverages. The atmosphere is extremely noisy and exciting. I have never been to any of the casino ‘˜shows’. I have never stayed in their hotels. I have only eaten their seafood and drank their free pop and coffee. I have had fun.

Occasionally, I receive coupons in the mail from all of them. I will probably stop in to one of them again, but I will not go unless I go with someone else.

Before going for the big game, I am always careful to try out a nice round of Poker Online to practice it out as even the best players do the same for they know that gambling is totally unpredictable and you need to tread on this path very carefully due to the slippery slope ahead.

Guide to Betting on Sports: What Are Action Points?

An interesting and exciting way to bet sports is through the use of “action points.”

When you bet using action points, the margin by which you beat or lose to the spread matters. If you have Ravens -6.5, you’ll win more if they dominate their game and win by 20 then if they barely beat the spread and win by 7. Conversely, you’ll lose more if they get upset and lose by 14 than if they win by six and barely fail to cover the spread.

For an action points wager, you specify how many points you want, and how much you wish to wager per point.

For instance, let’s say you want to bet a total. You want Over 41 on the USC-UCLA game. Assume the odds are the usual -110 for a straight bet, and let’s say you want to bet 10 action points at $50 (i.e., risking $55 to win $50) per point. Here’s the way your wager would be graded, for each number of points scored in the USC-UCLA game: Guidance will be provided to the bettors at BandarQ Online site. The winning chances at the table will be great to increase real money. The amount of bonuses and jackpots will be available in real money to attract the potential players. 

51 or more: Win $500

50: Win $450

49: Win $400

48: Win $350

47: Win $300

46: Win $250

45: Win $200

44: Win $150

43: Win $100

42: Win $50

41: $0

40: Lose $55

39: Lose $110

38: Lose $165

37: Lose $220

36: Lose $275

35: Lose $330

34: Lose $385

33: Lose $440

32: Lose $495

31 or fewer: Lose $550

As you can see if you just barely beat or lose to the spread, you don’t win or lose much money. But if the game turns out to be much higher or much lower scoring than expected, you win or lose a lot.

So you do better by using action points when you beat the spread handily and when you barely lose to the spread. You’re better off with straight bets when you barely beat the spread and when you lose to the spread by a big margin.

Are there ways to handicap games to know when these various outcomes are more likely, and thus to know when action points give you an edge. Well, one big factor to look at in that regard is key numbers, that is, the numbers where games of a given sport land most often.

For instance, in football, games are decided by a margin of 3 points far more often than by any other number of points. Think about how this relates to action points. If you bet a game at +2.5, your most likely way to lose that bet is if the opponent beats your team by 3, and you lose to the spread by a mere half point. Whereas if you bet another game at +3.5, your most likely way to win is again if the opponent beats your team by 3, and you beat the spread by a mere half point.

On which one of those would you prefer action points?

One way to look at betting action points is you’re discounting your close wins and losses, while still receiving and paying full price on your bigger margin wins and losses.

On that +2.5 wager, you don’t mind so much that you’re not getting full credit on your close wins (because not that high a percentage of your wins will be close), as long as your close losses cost you less (because a more significant percentage of your losses will be close). With the +3.5 wager, the reverse is true.

So you may want to consider an action points wager on the +2.5, but almost certainly wouldn’t want to on the +3.5.

Pretty clearly you can find an edge with action points, you can find opportunities where you’d do better with an action points wager than with a straight wager.

But alas (I’ve saved the worst for last), action points are dying as a bet type, perhaps in part because they can sometimes put a sportsbook in a position of disadvantage. It was never a common bet type, but there were quite a few more sportsbooks offering it in one form or another many years ago.

Nowadays the number of sportsbooks where you can find it has dwindled to close to zero.

Even sportsbooks that haven’t dropped it have greatly restricted action points wagering. A sportsbook might have offered it on many sports before but only football now. Or it might have offered it on both sides and totals before but only sides now. Or it might have let you take as many points as you want before but only a maximum of 5 or 10 now.

It has become so obscure that many clerks at the few places that do still offer it have never even heard of it. You may have to talk to a supervisor to even find out if action points are available at a given sportsbook.

It’s a shame, because action points can be fun to bet, and more importantly can be a wise way to bet for a savvy player seeking an edge.

It’s a bet type worth learning more about and adding to your arsenal, if you can find somewhere to bet it.

How a Churchill Downs Casino Could Compete with Indiana Casinos

Kentucky Governor Steve Beshear ran on a campaign that many boiled down to one issue, expanded gaming in Kentucky. Steve Beshear proposed that casino gambling through ufabet was the answer to the state’s financial woes. To that end, he recently introduced a plan that provides for up to 12 casinos, including seven based at the state’s horse racetracks. The big stumbling block for Kentucky’s premier racetrack, Churchill Downs, is that it will be facing off against the long-established Caesar’s Indiana. In order to complete the track effectively, they’ll have to do lots of things more effectively than Harrah’s owned Caesar’s. So how can they do it?


Beshear’s casino gaming plan for Kentucky allows seven racetracks to place the casino onsite or elsewhere in the county. Churchill Downs should lobby for the opportunity to do both.

While Churchill Downs is on a sprawling property, as anyone who has attended an Oaks, Derby, or Breeder’s Cup can attest, the place can get crowded in a hurry. There is limited space for a hotel, convention, and resort area that the track would surely want to build for a casino. If I were Churchill Downs, I’d lobby for the ability to offer limited casino gaming (ie: slots only) on the property and the ability to build an offsite casino. This would allow the track to find the appropriate space to build a large casino facility AND offer casino gaming as an option at the track itself. This would enable Churchill to locate their casino closer to the new development in downtown Louisville and put them within walking distance of other downtown tourist attractions, plus put them closer to Louisville’s always thriving convention business. It would offer the additional benefit of allowing visitors to the track to choose their gaming options and provide an entertaining diversion between races.


Even if this option wouldn’t fly, it makes sense to build the casino downtown, closer to 4th Street Live, the many museums, theatres, and new arena. The advantages of this are many. A downtown casino in Louisville would allow Churchill Downs to attract a much wider audience, including visiting conventioneers, downtown workers at lunch, and tourists from all over. The biggest problem with Caesar’s Indiana is that it is truly in the middle of nowhere. This means that it only attracts tourists who come for the casino, not who makes it a part of a bigger trip. Scheduling a stay at Caesar’s Indiana means that you know you’ll have little to do at the hotel BUT gamble. A Churchill Downs casino built within a thriving downtown will benefit the casino AND benefit the city itself.


Louisville brings in lots of conventions and if Churchill builds a casino, it needs to capitalize on it. A large hotel and convention space will help Churchill attract a chunk of this business and might serve to bring more important businesses and organizations to travel to Louisville for their convention and meeting needs. Churchill will reap the benefits and help the city at the same time.


A casino needs visitors to make a profit. Paying the city to provide free circulators throughout downtown that have the casino as a destination will help them bring in more money AND help serve the community.


Caesar’s Indiana opened with a very nice rewards program for its patrons. Those who reached a certain level enjoyed a special area both on the boat and in the restaurant/hotel area. As the years progressed, Caesar’s cheapened the program, getting rid of free drinks, much of the free food, and the special rooms. Now heavy players can enjoy comps, but the idea of being “special” is gone. If Churchill makes it low, middle and high rollers feel more special than Caesar’s and KEEPS doing it, it will keep them coming back.


Derby parties are a big deal and bring lots of national attention to Louisville. Bringing some of the local Derby parties to the Churchill Downs Casino will bring that attention to the track and the facilities there.


It is important that horse racing and the Churchill name be preserved wherever the track is built. If an offsite casino is built, Churchill Downs needs to offer simulcast facilities at that location. Additionally, the casino would be well served to offer an extension of its Kentucky Derby Museum exhibits at the location of the new casino.


As the years have progressed, the walk long walks into Caesar’s makes you feel less like a winner and more like a sheep on the way to have your wallet slaughtered. The walls have yellowed. The moving sidewalks often aren’t moving. The white clouds are now somewhat brownish. The numerous kiosks and displays that used to around have slowly disappeared. The displays of the numerous giveaways have disappeared. And the majority of the people who surround you look unhappy. Churchill can prevent this at their casino by not just treating it as a cash cow, but a destination to be enjoyed. Keeping the place lively, updated, and relevant, as well as clean will go along way toward that. And if they loosen up the slots a little bit, they’ll ensure that people are beating down the doors to get there.

Online Gambling Sites

Have you ever tried on line gambling sites? I did and to be truthful, I personally could not tell if they were legitimate or not because I think too many people lose money on them.

I tried one of them and of course lost some money, thank God it wasn’t a lot and I was wise enough to stop before I got myself in trouble. I lost about thirty dollars that I had made writing on a different writing site. I transferred the money it took me one year to earn in to my pay-pal account and believe me it didn’t take me more than a week to lose that money. 

One of the problems I have in believing that they are honest, is because when I play a game like Bejeweled on my own computer, I can score really high points. In fact a lot of my family will be amazed at how high I can score. Well on the site where I played Bejeweled, my scores were extremely low.

I have always been fond of Bejeweled as it is one of my favorite games in gambling but that’s not to say that I would say no to something like a Slot Online Indonesia, where the thrills and adrenaline rush are something else but just that this is based on my own preference.

There were a few times when I won six dollars. Actually while I was playing against two or three other players, but believe me instead of have points close to one-hundred thousand points I would only score around five thousand, three hundred and twenty-six points. These scores were definitely not anywhere near the scores that I have reached on my own computer where I had purchased and installed the Bejeweled game.

I also have another game on my computer where it has a screen full of balloons in five colors and the idea was to get as many of the same color to pop at the same time. The first balloon would give you two points, the second would give you four points, and the third would give you eight points and so on. Well I play that game at home all the time, and I have the highest score in the family.

My top score is one million, two hundred and eighty-seven thousand and four hundred points and that is not a lie. There are many times when I play the game and I will see Hall of Fame flash across the scoreboard again, so I know that although I am not topping my highest score, I am coming close to it and getting a higher score than other family members and remaining in the top ten high score.

Unfortunately, this game does not list all the names and scores, but I know that I can beat any challengers. Again when I played a game that was very like the balloon game on the site where I paid to gamble, I had such low scores that I couldn’t believe it. I was lucky to hit one thousand points.

In one way I was very glad because this happened because it is very easy to get hooked on gambling and lose a lot of money. It took me approximately one year to earn thirty dollars and I lost it in one week on a site that certainly did not make me think it was honest in the way the games are run.

My question is to ask if anyone else has experienced similar gambling scores when joining one of these on-line gambling sites. Did you win any money or were you losing more than you could afford to lose?

As is often the case, things were getting a bit rough financially for me and I wanted to try my luck at winning some money. It didn’t work, and I’m glad I had the wisdom to quit when I was ahead of the game, because I know that had I stayed on the site, I would have kept losing more money and found myself deeper in debt. Gambling can become an addiction just as alcohol and drugs can. Be careful because very few of us will make big money at the machines, especially when you are playing on a computer and it is so easy to transfer money from various accounts.

Things To Do In The Afternoon In Las Vegas

Las Vegas may be known more for its nightlife, when the casino lights burn brightest and the clubs open their doors, but this city still offers plenty to do in the afternoon. Wherever you plan to travel in the city you’ll find some activities to enjoy during the day on a Vegas vacation.

Many Las Vegas attractions are available in the afternoon just as they are in the evening. You can watch the fountains “dance” at the Bellagio every half hour, enjoy a ride on a gondola in the canals at The Venetian or hop a ride on the Manhattan Express roller coaster at New York-New York. The afternoon is also a good time to beat the heat by visiting the celebrity wax re-creations at Madame Tussauds Las Vegas or window shopping at the Forum Shops at Caesars Palace.

One advantage to gambling in the afternoon in Las Vegas is that the table limits are usually lower. While many major casino resorts on the Strip offer $5 or $10 minimum bets on such games as blackjack and craps during the day those limits often increase to $15 or $25 at night. If you’re playing on a limited bankroll or just for recreation you are better off playing in the afternoon.

You have lesser changes of losing big in regular rounds of buktiqq and blackjack as the excitement level is quite low compared to the thrills during morning and night when the mood is fresh.

If you hit the Strip in the afternoon you’ll find the going easy. Traffic — both pedestrian on the sidewalks and vehicles on Las Vegas Boulevard — is lighter during the day than in the evenings. Dining is cheaper during the day for those restaurants and buffets that serve lunch. Shows that offer both afternoon and evening performances are usually cheaper in the afternoon.

Many Las Vegas pools close in the early evening hours so if you plan to take a dip the afternoon may be your only choice.

The heat can get to many visitors in the afternoon, especially in the summer when temperatures regularly exceed 100 degrees Fahrenheit and pass 110 with regularity. Drink plenty of water and protect your skin with a hat and sunscreen. Have a transportation in place so that you don’t have to walk too far along the Strip as you see the sights. Rental cars in Las Vegas are relatively affordable and city buses regularly run up and down Las Vegas Boulevard.

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