Every time I watch T.V. all I see is disk drive of my little white box flashing. This feature is flagrantly going to infuriate but it thankfully can be turned off, unlike every other little annoyance that comes bundled with this games console and I’m using the words ‘games’ loosely here.

I have five major problems with the Wii. The first is the seemingly reasonable price tag. After trawling the high streets in search of a Wii last Christmas, I finally got one for a slightly inflated 275 dollars. I couldn’t begrudge the store owner for charging slightly more. I’m not sure if it’s legal or not but when an item is highly sought after, I too would put the price up. Now $275 is about average for a console, possibly even slightly less than average, but this doesn’t include the ridiculous assortment of controllers needed. Most games need not only the WiiMote but also a Nunchuck and an additional set for an additional player. Simply for that I was down $80. Eighty dollars! That could almost buy me two decent games (if I could find any that is). Deciding I wanted to play some Nintendo classics from my youth, I purchased some Wii points for another £20, but I wasn’t complaining about this because I was soon going to be playing Donkey Kong Country, The Legend of Zelda and the original Harvest Moon! Half way through the process of getting these games I was alerted that I would need yet another controller to play the games. I would need a classic controller and since Donkey Kong is two player, I decided to get another one. Yet another $40. Over one hundred spent already, simply on controllers. I’m not even going to get started on Wii Fit.

After working for two months to refill my very light wallet I decided it was time for a new game as Wii Sports, Surf’s Up (it came with the console, my guess is the store owner was trying to offload this piece of garbage onto desperate customers) and my downloaded game just weren’t cutting it any longer. After long browse in a local game shop I bought Mario Kart and Twilight Princess. Two brilliant games, simply brilliant. I finished Zelda pretty quickly, maybe I spent a bit too much time on my couch, and started to play Mario Kart – up until now I’d really only been using it for multiplayer. About a month later, I’d mostly finished and started to look for a new game. I could not find any more good games. My second point, there is a serious shortage of more hardcore games for the Wii. I realise that both the Wii and the DS are more family orientated that most consoles but the flood of mini-game collections and cheap movie tie-ins cannot possibly satisfy anyone’s gaming habit. Can they? I turned to the internet to try and find some recommendations from other players. Metroid Prime and No More Heroes seemed to be popular and after buying them I can see why. They are quite fun and definitely more engaging than Carnival Games, Mario Party 8 or Family Party! But this was a far as I could get with serious games. I simply could not find another after finishing these two. Personally, I think it is a disgrace that I spent over $400 and then not have been able to find games to play. I’m starting to look at old GameCube games as a possibility.

My third major issue stems from Mario Kart and Super Smash Bros. Brawl (another good game but it wasn’t out for some time). Online play on the Wii is terrible. From the needlessly complicated friend codes to the lack of any function to speak to friends. I can understand why these features have been put in place, obviously to protect the users, a large majority of who will be children. But having a different code for every game is ridiculous. When I’m playing with friends I like to be able to talk to them and having to run up a phone bill to do so isn’t my idea of a perfect scenario. Even being able to type messages to friends would be sufficient, if less than satisfactory. Perhaps I’m nit-picking but another issue I have with online on the Wii is the internet browser. To start with it costs me money to download, it’s difficult to navigate and search with, it supports very few audio and video formats and it isn’t possible to download from. Really, the only thing I use is for now is watching programmes I’ve missed on BBC iPlayer.

My fourth major gripe is the lack of entertainment from my Wii, not just due to the mostly rubbish games but because I can’t watch DVDs on, play CDs through or store any type of audio or video file on it. Even the original PlayStation was capable of playing CDs. I don’t think it is absurd to expect multi-media on a console to a certain extent.

My final, and perhaps least worrying problem for most people is the lack of games from Nintendo for their own console. Almost every good game for the Wii is made by the big N but right now they only seem to have two games in development – a new Zelda game and a new Mario game. Original. Instead of keeping existing customers happy, Nintendo are trying to get millions of new customers to add gold to their almost bursting coffers. This makes me a little bit angry. I’ve always bought Nintendo consoles and I’ve loved them but now, I’m getting a little bitter. I seems it is true what they same about the games industry, the production side feels absolutely no loyalty to their customers. In return, I’ve decided to buy a PS3, one of the best decisions I’ve made in a long time, I urge you to do the same. Which is why I recommend you to learn more about PS3 on agen judi online terpercaya with all the reviews and feature descriptions.