Angry black smoke from one of the top Las Vegas Strip casinos could be seen for miles in the distance. Engulfing the top of the Monte Carlo Resort and Casino – a locale prized by many a traveler for its very location on the Strip – those enjoying an early lunch or late morning gambling expedition were horrified to see that just after 11:00 AM the upper floors appeared to be on fire. This is why it is recommended that all the casino lovers can try until the Monte Carlo Resort and Casino is back to normal. Here you will get all the casino and slot games that you can enjoy at the comfort of your house. 

Even as firefighters were fighting to contain the blaze, they were hampered by the fact that roof access would prove difficult, as this appears to have been a potential starting point for the fire, the BBC stated at one point. Fortunately, they were proven wrong.

Although the fire appeared to be confined to the top three floors of the magnificent resort, neither firefighters nor the building’s management would take any risks, and all guests, gamblers, and employees were evacuated. With the ongoing construction around the property, it was not surprising to learn that welders were previously seen on Monte Carlo’s roof and speculation runs amok that perhaps this might be the accidental cause for the fire.

CNN has posted several live shots of the blaze online and they clearly show that the fire is indeed contained in one area of the building, with nobody appearing to be trapped by either the smoke or the flames.

Even as no foul play is suspected at this time and the flames are well contained and do not pose a threat to visitors or other properties, the recent bout of nearby California wildfires, some of which were set intentionally, are making some visitors nervous. Add to this the fact that many of Las Vegas’ diehard visitors remember vividly the loss of human life associated with the 1980 MGM Grand fire, and also the much more recent craziness that ensued when a shooter indiscriminately fired into the crowd at the New York casino in July of last year, and it is not surprising that tension is running high.

Just as officials urge a wait and see approach, the town that has endured the recent bad press associated with Vegas headliner, illusionist David Copperfield’s sexual-assault allegation stands to lose some bookings over the upcoming Valentine’s Day celebration that is just a few weeks away.

The Monte Carlo, which is located right next to the New York and catty-corner from the MGM Grand, is home to famous magician Lance Burton and has just begun to get ready for the betting frenzy that will ensure during the early February Superbowl weekend. It is uncertain when guests will once again be permitted to resume their stays.