An interesting and exciting way to bet sports is through the use of “action points.”

When you bet using action points, the margin by which you beat or lose to the spread matters. If you have Ravens -6.5, you’ll win more if they dominate their game and win by 20 then if they barely beat the spread and win by 7. Conversely, you’ll lose more if they get upset and lose by 14 than if they win by six and barely fail to cover the spread.

For an action points wager, you specify how many points you want, and how much you wish to wager per point.

For instance, let’s say you want to bet a total. You want Over 41 on the USC-UCLA game. Assume the odds are the usual -110 for a straight bet, and let’s say you want to bet 10 action points at $50 (i.e., risking $55 to win $50) per point. Here’s the way your wager would be graded, for each number of points scored in the USC-UCLA game: Guidance will be provided to the bettors at BandarQ Online site. The winning chances at the table will be great to increase real money. The amount of bonuses and jackpots will be available in real money to attract the potential players. 

51 or more: Win $500

50: Win $450

49: Win $400

48: Win $350

47: Win $300

46: Win $250

45: Win $200

44: Win $150

43: Win $100

42: Win $50

41: $0

40: Lose $55

39: Lose $110

38: Lose $165

37: Lose $220

36: Lose $275

35: Lose $330

34: Lose $385

33: Lose $440

32: Lose $495

31 or fewer: Lose $550

As you can see if you just barely beat or lose to the spread, you don’t win or lose much money. But if the game turns out to be much higher or much lower scoring than expected, you win or lose a lot.

So you do better by using action points when you beat the spread handily and when you barely lose to the spread. You’re better off with straight bets when you barely beat the spread and when you lose to the spread by a big margin.

Are there ways to handicap games to know when these various outcomes are more likely, and thus to know when action points give you an edge. Well, one big factor to look at in that regard is key numbers, that is, the numbers where games of a given sport land most often.

For instance, in football, games are decided by a margin of 3 points far more often than by any other number of points. Think about how this relates to action points. If you bet a game at +2.5, your most likely way to lose that bet is if the opponent beats your team by 3, and you lose to the spread by a mere half point. Whereas if you bet another game at +3.5, your most likely way to win is again if the opponent beats your team by 3, and you beat the spread by a mere half point.

On which one of those would you prefer action points?

One way to look at betting action points is you’re discounting your close wins and losses, while still receiving and paying full price on your bigger margin wins and losses.

On that +2.5 wager, you don’t mind so much that you’re not getting full credit on your close wins (because not that high a percentage of your wins will be close), as long as your close losses cost you less (because a more significant percentage of your losses will be close). With the +3.5 wager, the reverse is true.

So you may want to consider an action points wager on the +2.5, but almost certainly wouldn’t want to on the +3.5.

Pretty clearly you can find an edge with action points, you can find opportunities where you’d do better with an action points wager than with a straight wager.

But alas (I’ve saved the worst for last), action points are dying as a bet type, perhaps in part because they can sometimes put a sportsbook in a position of disadvantage. It was never a common bet type, but there were quite a few more sportsbooks offering it in one form or another many years ago.

Nowadays the number of sportsbooks where you can find it has dwindled to close to zero.

Even sportsbooks that haven’t dropped it have greatly restricted action points wagering. A sportsbook might have offered it on many sports before but only football now. Or it might have offered it on both sides and totals before but only sides now. Or it might have let you take as many points as you want before but only a maximum of 5 or 10 now.

It has become so obscure that many clerks at the few places that do still offer it have never even heard of it. You may have to talk to a supervisor to even find out if action points are available at a given sportsbook.

It’s a shame, because action points can be fun to bet, and more importantly can be a wise way to bet for a savvy player seeking an edge.

It’s a bet type worth learning more about and adding to your arsenal, if you can find somewhere to bet it.