Having only played starting from Final Fantasy VII, I can’t say I’m a hardcore fan of the series. I do, however, love every final fantasy from 7 and up, including the notorious X-2 that seemed to mar the series until the highly anticipated release of Final Fantasy XII. Fans have waited five long years for another main Final Fantasy title. Well, it’s finally here; but was it worth the wait? Traditional Final Fantasy fans don’t seem too pleased, and I also feel that there is something missing.

Final Fantasy XII introduces a wide range of changes from past Final Fantasies. The most notable being the real-time non-random battle system. Traditionally, Final Fantasy allows the character to travel across areas and encounter battles randomly. No monsters are displayed on the screen (with the exception of special cutscenes and such) until the random battle is initiated. Final Fantasy XII eliminates this altogether and almost makes it seem like an action-RPG.

Enemy characters are displayed in the same environment that the player is in. If the player happens to be too close to the enemy, a battle will be initiated by the enemy moving towards the player in a battle stance, automatically engaging the player in battle. Once all enemies are defeated, the party members simply sheath their weapons and continue on; no load time in between battles.

There is simply no time to put down your weapons and rest in the initial stages as the enemy force is too strong to be tackled by a single person and this is what makes this Pkv Games Online training more thrilling and goose bump inducing experience.

With this new battle system, it is obviously more difficult to control the flow of battle since it occurs in real time. Unlike previous final fantasies, where the player is notified when a party member is ready to take action, Final Fantasy XII allows the player to create “AI” for their party members using the Gambit system. I found this rather simple and easy to use. I enjoyed sitting back and watching my party members fight, while manually making moves occasionally when necessary, such as boss fights.

One aspect I felt was lacking is the character development. Perhaps it might just be me, but I did not feel any strong connection to the game and its story while I was playing. The characters did not make me feel sorry for them, did not make me want to cry, did not make me angry, and the story was somewhat uninteresting to me as well.

One major aspect that I personally did not like was the fact that… Final Fantasy XII did NOT have a romantic aspect. From Final Fantasy VII and on, I was drawn emotionally to the developing love between the character (or characters). Upon completing the game, I was anxious to view the ending movie, hoping for some sort of romance to occur. I was truly shocked when nothing of the sort occurred. Maybe I’m just a sucker for that stuff, but it was nevertheless a deviation from the previous Final Fantasies.

Overall I feel that Final Fantasy XII is a quality RPG. The license system allows adequate customization and by far one of the HARDEST Final Fantasies I have played. As an RPG, Final Fantasy XII scores. However, as a Final Fantasy? Maybe not.