Author: Sabrina


Another Mole Player Bites the Dust 

After a crazy round of Victoria, the biggest Mole suspect leaving, it’s time for another sabotage as the Mole returns. It seems Craig isn’t feeling any better as he’s freezing even after having four layers of clothing on. Nicole filled us in once again about…


Great Lakes Texas Hold Em’ 

My husband and his family began getting together every Friday evening to play Texas Hold Em shortly after we moved to Michigan. I got sick and tired hanging out at home alone so I began making plans for my entertainment. Shopping mostly, but that soon…


Nothing like Poker in Vegas 

Whew! Five days (no nights) in Vegas wore me out. I flew in Saturday to watch my son play poker in the “main event.” I’ve never been to football’s Super Bowl or baseball’s World Series, but this WSOP shindig seemed every bit a combination of…